Crocodiles are able to climb trees, study reveals (including the southern USA)

As far as discoveries go, this is a somewhat terrifying one, assuming one has a healthy respect for crocodiles on the ground: They can climb and perch in trees.

And they can really climb, with researchers spotting them more than a dozen feet from the ground. While anecdotal reports have placed the reptiles in trees in Mississippi, Colombia, and [in Egypt] along the Nile, only three references to such behavior appear in scientific literature….

Full article, from Fox News.

4 thoughts on “Crocodiles are able to climb trees, study reveals (including the southern USA)

  1. Peter Bjorkman

    I certainly did not think this was possible. It would be nice to see a picture or, even better, a video of a tree climbing croc.

  2. David Fox

    There was a picture shown in one of the embedded links. But there is another explanation. It’s a ruse. Otherwise we all better mind where we are walking in the woods near rivers where the crocs thrive.


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