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Photographer Records an Epic Battle of Two Bobcats in a Tree

Rebecca Sabac had an incredible wildlife sighting recently. While driving down Highway 27 in the Everglades, something caught her attention. Up in a dead tree snag, about 30 feet high, sat a cat. With the kindest intentions, she pulled over to see if the cat needed help. This was no ordinary cat, it was [a] bobcat….

See the photos and read the full article, from the National Wildlife Federation.

Breathtaking Patagonian ice field photographed by German artist Frank Thiel

For the photographers or the ardent travellers who visit this blog I need to tell you that the BBC has featured the work of German artist/photographer Frank Thiel and his study of glaciers in Patagonia.

The works are currently on display at a gallery in New York City and are very large in order to convey a sense of scale.

View a BBC video and/or read the full article at: