This page has been added so that readers can comment and give constructive (please!) criticism about this blog / site.

Which topics do you like most?  Which do you like least?  What would you like to see added?  (I can’t give guarantees on that last one, but if it’s within my capabilities, my knowledge, the scope of the blog itself and my time availability, I’ll do what I can.)

If you want to comment about a specific post or topic, please go to it and click on “Leave a Comment,” just beneath the title line.  This page is not the place for those replies.

One thought on “Feedback

  1. Hi, Ed.

    Haven’t seen anything beyond late May 2015 on your blog, but I’m not particularly experienced in blog access. I’m just saying hello and hoping all is well with you. My regards to your family.

    A question or two concerning your last name: (a) is it common, i.e. widespread (like “Jones”; and (b) are you related in any way to Sir Christopher Wren, the famous architect?

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