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Mosquitos, plans for a Two-week ‘Excursion,’ and a Citadel

Post No. 10 — Looking back forty-years to 27 January 1981

Our cheap hotel was right next to a mosque where very loud loudspeakers were used for the ‘calls to prayer,’ the first of which was in the small hours, each morning.

Street scene on our walk to the Citadel. [Copyright image, 1981.]
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The River Nile and the Cairo Tower

Post No. 9b — Looking back forty-years to 26 January 1981 (Part 2)

With two Aussie friends, Phil & Joe, I walked to Talaat Harb (street), through the square of the same name, and into El Tahrir Square. Then the street of that same name — El Tahrir — took us to the Qasr al-Nil Bridge, over the River Nile.

The view looking north, down the River Nile, from the Qasr al-Nil Bridge towards the 6th October Bridge. The road along the right-hand side of this photograph is the Nile Corniche. [Copyright image, 1981.]
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A Morning at the Pyramids, and Problems with Visas for Sudan

Post No.5 — Looking back 40 years to 22 January 1981

We had been split into teams of three for each day’s cooking and dishwashing duties so I was first-up for this on day one, working with an American married couple, Pat & Jeannie. The effect seemed to me somewhat like going into a stranger’s kitchen and getting in between a couple who knew how each other worked, and simply getting in their way! {:-)

The Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. Not many sites will be better known than these, anywhere in the world. [Copyright image, 1981.]
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First Impressions of Cairo and the Pyramids

Post No. 4 — Looking back forty-years to 21 January 1981

During my intended six months in Africa, I had planned to join two truck-based groups of fellow overlanders because that was the only realistic way to cover the huge distances I hoped to do. And to this end, I spent my first night in Egypt in a very modest (read ‘extremely basic’) hotel in Cairo, ready to meet some fellow vagrants the following day.

A typical side street. [Copyright image, 1981.]
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Unpleasant Customs (Officers) in Alexandria!

Post No. 3 — Looking back forty-years to 20 January 1981

The ferry across the Mediterranean from Greece to Egypt took just under 36 hours and we arrived shortly after daybreak.

My new-found friend Tom McDade switched from being a laid-back English driving instructor on an adventurous holiday with his Land Rover in Egypt to something more like one of Rommel’s panzer tank drivers in a bad mood when the customs men in Alexandria corruptly tried to rip us off. In this photo, we had paused on the Delta Road, from Alex’ to Cairo, pleased to have evaded a bit of blackmail! {:-) [Copyright image.]
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