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Mosquitos, plans for a Two-week ‘Excursion,’ and a Citadel

Post No. 10 — Looking back forty-years to 27 January 1981

Our cheap hotel was right next to a mosque where very loud loudspeakers were used for the ‘calls to prayer,’ the first of which was in the small hours, each morning.

Street scene on our walk to the Citadel. [Copyright image, 1981.]
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Ancient History, Colourful People, and Stunning Generosity

Post No. 7 — Looking back forty-years to 24 January 1981

The road back into Alexandria took us past a large graveyard (see photo below) that surely must suffer the same problem from drifting sand as the El Alamein Allied War Cemetery that we had visited the previous day.

A widow’s walk, perhaps? The dark figure — up and left from the middle of this photo — is a woman walking back from a large cemetery behind the dark trees, top right. [Copyright image, 1981.]
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A Visit to the World War II Allied War Cemetery, El Alamein

Post No. 6 — Looking back forty-years to 22 January 1981

Looking back forty years to our full-day visit to the El Alamein War Cemetery, it is bizarre to realise that more years have now passed since that visit than had elapsed between the actual battles and the day we were there… Tempus fugit, and all that!

Quite rightly, all war cemeteries are sobering and saddening places to visit, but the barrenness of the setting at El Alamein, together with harsh winds constantly blowing sand in from the Sahara, makes this very under-visited memorial all the more poignant. [Copyright image, 1981.]
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