Saving the World’s Most Endangered Lizards, in the Caribbean

New Collaboration for Caribbean Island Iguana Conservation

January 29, 2014

The most endangered group of lizards in the world, Caribbean island iguanas, are beginning 2014 with a new coalition of conservation champions resolved to implement bold actions to help save these imperiled species. Governments, academics, non-government organizations and private stakeholders will collaborate on more than 20 projects focused on alleviating threats to iguanas, changing public perceptions, and ensuring long-term financial, government, and public support for iguana conservation.

With one Caribbean island iguana species already extinct and eight of the remaining 11 listed as critically endangered or endangered by the IUCN[1] Red List of Threatened Species, this region-wide effort comes at a critical time for the survival of these species….

Read the full press release, from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, at:


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