Nebraska Keystone XL Ruling Delivers Big Win for Landowners and Wildlife

In an exciting development in the fight against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, a Nebraska judge on Wednesday struck down a 2012 state law which approved the route of the controversial project through the state. This is a huge win for Nebraska landowners, for clean drinking water, and for all of us who care about protecting America’s wildlife.

….The route approved under the now-void law would have crossed one of the nation’s largest aquifers, the Oglalalla — which provides drinking water for two million people in eight states.

The pipeline route would have also crossed the delicate Sandhills region, a native grasslands area that provides critical habitat to numerous wildlife species, including the whooping crane, greater prairie chicken, the red-winged black bird, and the ring-necked pheasant….

Read the full, important article here, from the National Wildlife Federation.

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