West Seneca Oxbow Wetland Restoration, WNY

As someone who is not exactly from Western New York originally — {:-) — I had no idea that there even were any old oxbow lakes in the area, let alone one on which restoration efforts had been made, but there is and its in West Seneca.

The Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper [BNRK] website states that “West Seneca’s oxbow wetland on Buffalo Creek is just a few miles upstream from the industrialized Buffalo River, a Great Lakes ‘Area of Concern’. As one of only three major wetlands in the lower Buffalo River watershed, it is considered a source area for future habitat and species restoration in the AOC.  Planning studies over the past 40 years have recommended that the oxbow site be protected.”

According to the  ERIE [Ecosystem Restoration through Interdisciplinary Exchange] webpage, “the restoration of the  oxbow wetland began in 2008 as part of the Buffalo River Watershed and AOC  restoration effort.  The project was led by BNRK and funded by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

“In Fall 2009, six ERIE trainees became involved  in the restoration project… [and] donated over  1000 hours in fieldwork and analysis of flora, fauna, soils and groundwater.  The trainees developed a habitat restoration  and management plan for the 14-acre parcel of the oxbow. The plan used an  adaptive management framework to control invasive plant species and reintroduce  native plants to the site based on historical and nearby reference  communities. ”

To see pictures of the Oxbow and ERIE trainees working on the project (courtesy of Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper), click here.

IfI can establish that there is public access to this site, or get us permission to visit, then this seems like a good venue for one of our ‘Wildlife Watchers & Nature Photographers’ group walks.  I’ll let you know the outcome of this.

5 thoughts on “West Seneca Oxbow Wetland Restoration, WNY

    1. Eddie Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Donna. We look forward to seeing you again soon, on another of the walks.
      And, of course, you have been added to the mailing list {:-)

  1. Andrea Burke

    This looks like an interesting place to photograph and they have been working hard to re-establish the natural vegetation.

    1. Eddie Post author

      I agree, and I’ve made some progress about taking a look at it (but access is through private land so it is not available to the public).

  2. Evelyn Hicks

    Hi, I am the chair of the West Seneca environmental commission and the person who you would want to contact regarding a visit to the oxbow wetland in West Seneca. You can email me at the above address or call/text me at 716-553-5077.
    At this point, the oxbow is not open to the public, but I would be happy to arrange for a guided tour for a group of folks from your organization. Please contact me to further discuss. Thank you, best regards, Evelyn Hicks


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