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Links to Nature, Wildlife & Conservation Blogs outside the USA

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Developing Ecological Surveying Skills — ‘Experts for Nature’ Blog

Falls of Clyde Blog (Scottish Wildlife Trust)

Friends of Emsworth Wildlife (Hampshire, in the south of England)

UK Wildlife (Neil Phillips)*

Mark Avery (Conservation Director of the RSPB for 13 years)

Zac Hinchcliffe’s Birding Blog +

Ron McCombe, ARPS, Wildlife Photography *



* = exceptional photography

+ = many additional links to other blogs

A photo of a dragonfly found in W.N.Y. wins a ‘Highly Honoured’ in the 2013 Nature Best Wildlife Photography Competition

You don’t have to travel in order to find good subjects for wildlife photography and competitions!

By pure chance, I found a page on a British wildlife photographer’s blog, showing his award-winning shot of what was, to him, an unusual species of dragonfly but to us in Western New York is a common species.  So if — as he writes — he was only able to grab two photos of the ‘halloween pennant’ in question, imagine how much advantage we “locals” have when we can see it and photograph it up close, every summer!

Richard Peters’ photo was taken in Florida but there are certainly plenty “Halloweens” here in Erie County, and by happy coincidence one of my own shots of this species is currently the ‘feature photograph’ at the very top of the ‘Site Index and About Us‘ page on this blog.

See Richard’s photograph here.

Links to Wildlife-related Blogs in the Rest of the USA

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Dragonflies and Damselflies of the N.W. and Beyond (Jim Johnson)

Feathered Photography (Ron Dudley, Utah)

Insect Photography (Alex Wild)

Jerry Liguori’s Raptor Blog

Meadowlands Nature Blog (Jim Wright, NJ)

Ohio Nature Blog (Tom Arbour)


Conservancy Talk    Nature Conservancy staff share their voices on everything from the latest conservation issues to living green.
Cool Green Science Nature Conservancy science: 550 scientists helping you get smart about nature.
Nature Rocks   Aiming to inspire and empower families to play and explore in nature for happier, healthier and smarter kids.


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Links to Wildlife-related Blogs in Western New York

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A Year in Oatka (Jim Adams)

Butterflies & Moths in Individual WNY Counties (BaMoNA)

Chirps & Cheeps (Sue Barth)

The Nature Watch website (Gerry Rising)

Nature’s Window (Timothy McIntyre)

Oakmoss Education

Wildlife Photos by “November Gale”


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